The holidays can be a stressful time when it comes to eating well and sticking to your healthy habits. Around every corner is a sugary temptation arm-in-arm with a creamy cocktail, and saying no just isn’t an option.

Here are a few ways to take care of yourself while still indulging in the festivities.

1. Make your dish a healthy one

When you show up to a party, bring something fresh and light like roasted beets and pumpkin with herbs, or a big salad with nuts and chopped veggies. Your fellow guests will definitely appreciate it and you can know that you’ve got at least one healthy option to load your plate with.

2. When drinking, avoid sugary options

Stay away from the bright, pretty colors. Even if a mixer says low-cal, it’s got something in there sweetening it and that is no bueno for your system. Stick to pouring spirits over ice, mixing with soda water and adding a splash of mixer, or having a squeeze of lemon or lime. Those vodka crans and jack and cokes will add so many unnecessary calories and chemicals to your body, not to mention create monster hangovers.

3. Stand more than arms length away from munchies at a party

Reduce your risk of mindlessly snacking by standing far enough away from that seductive table of nuts and cheeses. This way, you don’t accidentally eat eight hundred calories while listening to Uncle Al tell you about his rifle collection.

4. Plan something active

Believe it or not, every get together doesn’t have to be based around food. Going for a hike or a sunset walk, or running on the beach can be a great way to catch up with family and friends that are back in town. When you’re finished, you can try out that new local juice bar you’ve been meaning to go to!

5. While shopping, stay hydrated and bring snacks

Holiday shopping can be the worst, and nothing comforts frazzled nerves like a Cinnabon at the end of the day. Take care of yourself and make sure to eat and drink water before you head out to the battlefield. You’ll feel better, be more efficient, and won’t succumb to the scent of a massive piece of deep fried guilt.

6. Be conscious to eat really well when cooking for yourself

When you know you’ll be going to six holiday parties this weekend, really take the time to nourish yourself when you have the chance. Be aware that you’ll most likely be indulging so that you can plan on eating lots of veggies and healthy options before you get into those mashed potatoes and potpies. This will let you enjoy everything without the guilt, and will also help to strengthen your immune system so you’ll have less of a chance of getting ill when out of your normal regimen.

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