One of the best things about being a teacher is having the opportunity to provide students with the cues and tips so that they can successfully move into more advance poses. My class Arm Balances, Step by Step is one of those classes where breakthroughs occur and students start to fly.

After warming up with core work and sun salutations, we work methodically into arm balances. Balancing on your hands, actually takes a lot of core. From the initial arm balance, crow, we move on to some asymmetrical balances, including galavasana, astavakrasana and the final balance, dragonfly, seen in this clip.

Leading up to the balances, are many modifications, giving all students something to work with. Interspersed are standing and sitting poses. We finish with back bends, an inversion, and savasana, for a complete practice.

You can practice along to the whole class here: Arm Balances, Step by Step on

Enjoy, Namaste!

By Lauren Peterson

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