Yoga en español | UDAYA 2019

As UDAYA launches its brand new website this summer. It makes sense to put attention on building a foreign language class library. The vision is to bring online yoga to as many people as possible and take it global. In 2018 UDAYA put focus on introducing top German teachers to the website and in 2019 it’s all about español! That is correct, you can expect to see Spanish yoga classes coming to UDAYA in 2019. Take a moment and get to know our newest Spanish speaking teachers coming soon to your favorite online yoga hub.



Through the practice of various style of yoga, Esteban Salazar has created his signature style Krama Vinyasa. With 17 years of yoga practice and 13 years of teaching, his unique style intrigues every level of yoga practitioner to explore inner harmony, body openness, self-connection. He is the owner of Costa Rica studio called Krama Yoga Center.



Known as teacher of teachers, Marcos Jassan is a global innovator in the criteria of body alignment with effective and vigorous results. His presence is testimony to passion for Hatha Yoga, food and ayurvedic science. Marcos owns OM Yoga in Mexico City.



Daniela Garza Ríos currently of Bali,  is the Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Studio, based in Monterrey, Mexico, and the Founder of the School of Healing Arts Yoga Teacher Training, which takes place globally. Daniela is known for her highly positive attitude, a devoted practice and a sense of service, all of which are present throughout her teachings.



After studying with Mark Whitwell of “Heart of Yoga” Mili Lazcano began teaching her own classes expanding her knowledge through yoga practice and dance. Mili is co-owner owner of Madrid studio Shambala Yoga Urbano.



Rina Jakubowicz, founder of Rina Yoga, is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to yoga by bringing movement, philosophy and fun to all. She is an international bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, and author.



Yogendra Sharma from Mexico City filmed a 10-part lecture series to deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy. He often teaches and tours with Marcos Jassan.


UDAYA is excited to bring you Yoga en espanol in 2019!

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