Teacher Brent Kuecker

Brent Kuecker

Brent Kuecker started the practice of Yoga in 2001. Within the first month of practice, he was introduced to Desiree Rumbough and the practice of Anusara Yoga. This innovative style presented by such a spectacular instructor influenced Brent to commit within the first year to the path of teaching the practice of Yoga. Brent started teaching part time in 2002: Yoga for rock-climbers class at a local gym in Tempe, AZ, and some basic classes at privately owned studios and a martial arts school. In 2008, Brent entered into Yoga teacher training in the Anusara Yoga method. Under the instruction of Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, and the founder of Anusara Yoga John Friend, Brent completed over 500 hours of training both basic and advanced. Other teachers who have taught Brent include Sianna Shermann and Martin Kirk.

Brent is knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and has taught students of all ages and abilities. His classes create both strength and flexibility in both the body and the mind. He faithfully teaches with a humanistic and life-affirming vision that honors both the timeless wisdom of the Yoga tradition and the ever growing needs of today’s modern living.

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