Chelsea Danae

Chelsea Danae

Chelsea Danae is a 500 hour RYT yoga instructor. Her skill-based approach to movement increases strength and range of motion through deliberate and progressive yoga classes. She tries not to take herself too seriously and encourages students to do the same; she keeps her classes lighthearted and “fun”ctional. Students may find themselves pausing in the middle of a class to hear the whys and whats of a particular pose. Chelsea takes this time in a class to explain some of the finer points behind an asana because she feels when it makes sense in the mind and in the body, the information is absorbed more fully by the students thus fostering a deeper and perhaps more fulfilling practice. She has been greatly influenced by her teachers Jules Mitchell and Rudy Mettia through her years of training. Chelsea is passionate about helping others feel great about themselves and encourages everyone to do yoga. She desires that every student will become empowered to develop a practice that is truly their own. Her message to you: “It doesn’t matter where you start, rather where you go.”


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Jules Mitchell. Who doesn't love this girl?! Jules has put her 10,000 hours in to become one of the leading practitioners and teachers in the field of Restorative Yoga. She is a dedicated member of the Udaya family and has been with us since the beginning. As a Yoga Educator and Exercise Scientist, she combines the
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