Michael Stebbins

Michael Stebbins

Michael has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and completed his 200 hour teacher training with Rudy Mettia and Travis Eliot in December of 2010. Michael is also certified by Yoga Warriors International for teaching classes for combat veterans dealing with PTSD, COSR, and trauma. With yoga, Michael discovered a much welcomed method of stress relief from his work as executive director of Renzo Zecchetto Architects. What started out as a once-weekly supplement to a gym routine slowly became his sole form of exercise as he realized the physical and mental benefits – as well as the challenges – of a regular practice. For Michael, yoga is not just an incredible physical workout, but also a path to healing: physically, mentally, and ultimately, spiritually. Michael designs his classes to suit the needs of his students. Most classes incorporate a vigorous flow, deep stretches, breath control exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Over the past 3 years, Michael has participated in the production of Udaya Entertainment’s “The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot”, “Yoga Warrior 365 with Rudy Mettia”, “Deepen Your Practice with Vytas Baskauskas”, and “Liquid Asana Live with Micheline Berry” as well as other online content. Michael has been inspired by many teachers during the course of his practice. He is especially grateful to Brian Kest, Govindas, Alyson Khan, Sara Ivanhoe, Vytas, Rudy, and Travis for illuminating the path.

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Rudy often describes himself as “obsessed” with yoga and it is clearly evident in his teaching. Utilizing his experiences both on and off the mat, he inspires students to challenge their perceived boundaries while respecting their limitations. As he guides students within the class, he carefully breaks down each movement, finding myopic muscle and energetic actions to achieve the most.
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