Chandra Namaskar, Moon Salutation, allows us to cool our body creating soma within. Anna’s class is a quieting, calming, gentle, and beneficial flow for those who are under stress or simply need to stop the chatter of their mind and unplug.  This class is perfect at the end of a long day or to gently ease into your morning before the daily rush begins. As Anna guides us through the class we begin to unwind and focus inward to find that place of peace.

Chandra opens and blossoms our beautiful violet Sahasrara. The crown chakra is a flower with a thousand petals located at the top or crown of our head. Chandra helps us to connect with our intuition as it opens Sahasrara and we may feel a gentle pressure as we connect with our Spirit Guides & Animal Guides.

I practice this class outside during the phase of the full moon to draw her down and honor her beauty, brilliant light, softness and warmth. It is so beautiful to feel the night air cocoon me as I move through the class, releasing tension and embracing the liquid feeling that yoga embodies.

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Namaste~ Bless you!

Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master III

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