Core Flow with Jeff Decker is an awesome way to get your heart rate up while activating and strengthening through your entire core. Fast paced and extremely accessible, this flow gets into your side body and helps you to generate strength, momentum, and stability from an active and engaged pace.

This class is excellent for two reasons.

One is that it’s thirty minutes, meaning you can squeeze it in first thing in the morning before life rushes in, or at lunchtime, or mid afternoon when you’re just feeling you can’t move through that last list of tasks without a little energy clearing. Micro workouts are all the rage now, mainly because they’re too short to blow off and don’t result in debilitating soreness or surges in your appetite. Health and fitness shouldn’t be limited to only the extreme; having an accessible and brief activity to get your heart rate up and loosen up your muscles and joints is a necessary part of everyone’s routine.

The second reason is that core work is insanely good for your body and mind.

Developing a strong core through focused activity such as Jeff’s is so powerful for every part of your life. A healthy core is about more than great abs and strong balance.

Your core is where your intuition lives, and when you develop your intuition you begin to live through your heart instead of through your head. This helps you make decisions that come from your hopes instead of your fears, and enables faith to guide you. Having a strong core makes you fervent in your ability to follow your heart and feel resolute in your actions and decisions. Having a fit and sound core provides you with a foundation for a healthy mind and resilient body, preparing you for whatever life sends your way.

Taking a class like this one is a great way to recharge your energy, and open your heart and mind. This flow is light and fun, active and energetic, and will wake up every part of your body.

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