Birds of a Feather

Ali Owens

Birds of a Feather

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Duration 60 mins

During this sequence we will work towards Svarga Dvidasana, Bird of Paradise. Bird of Paradise requires a strong core, open hips, shoulders, and flexible hamstrings. We will open up the shoulders so you can approach the binds necessary to hold the leg in this standing balance, and then move into the hamstrings so you can extend into the fullest version of the pose. Be prepared to sweat and work hard as we flow through a sequence approachable for all levels. One block and a strap are suggested.

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    I tried Ali’s “energizing flow” class a couple days ago and thought I’d try another since I liked her instructions and it was just a very simple, well executed vinyasa class. And this one was fantastic! Feel really open and like I built a good sweat. Just right for someone who considers himself intermediate and likes vinyasa.