Moving Nap

Alyson Khan

Moving Nap

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Style Restorative
Duration 40 mins

Just like the title say, “Moving Nap.” We spend the entire class lying down doing deep, gentle stretches. No need to get out of bed! Live Music by Clinton Patterson, Sheela Bringi and Brent Kuecker.

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    Came to this class by default! The FLU ? has taken over my life…felt tiny bit better and craved movement. I chose Moving Nap for it’s name…great decision on my part. The emphasis on mindful belly breathing helped ailing lungs clear, movement patterns for hips, back, buttocks, shoulders and hamstrings were better than any medication prescribed for relieving pent up achy ? muscles and joints.
    Will use this practice every week as antidote for too many vinyasas