Slinky Spine

Jules Mitchell

Slinky Spine

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Style Restorative
Duration 20 mins

Undulate your spine so it moves like a slinky. Cat/cow not your boring old yoga warm-up, but rather an opportunity to explore infinite variations of movement in the spine and thorax. See why the Udaya Yoga Teacher Training 300 hour tribe adopted “It all comes back to cat/cow” as their motto.

Focus poses Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana
Muscles & joints Wrists

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    I’ve loved every single Jules’ class that I’ve watched so far. She’s changing the way I feel about yoga and reinforcing my intuition that movement variety is what my body craves (and needs!). Thank you so much for this one. I’ve experimented with switching up the way the joints are loaded in cat/cow, but the somatics visualizations at the end of class really woke something up. Savasana was divine. <3