Flow Is The Way To Go

Michael James Wong

Flow Is The Way To Go

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Style Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

Tired of fast flows that move too quickly leaving you feeling like your playing catch up for 60mins? Well then, let’s slow it down and feel every single shape the body makes. A flow is a moving meditation and we can really take time to pay attention to the shapes we make, rather than trying to just ‘hit it & quit it.’ A class with a long ladder sequence where we build one long flow through the practice starting simply, and then adding on, and adding on, and adding on. When the flow is slow, it’s strong, it’s powerful….. and has all the feels.

Focus poses Crescent Lunge / AnjaneyasanaSun SalutationsTwistsYogi Squat / Malasana
Muscles & joints Full Body

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