Tony G


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Style Hatha, Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

Space is a well-balanced, full spectrum class that leaves us feeling open and energized. It guides us to develop an open, clear beginner’s mind.

From Yoga Elementals with Tony G, available for purchase on This 27-day yoga program is the journey into the 5 elements; Space, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Live soundtrack by East Forest.

From Yoga Elementals with Tony G, a 6-class, Level 2, Hatha yoga program with bonus pranayama & meditation videos. Gain access to the full program by upgrading to the ENHANCED membership level or by purchasing streaming access.

Musicians: East Forest
Focus poses Camel / UstrasanaCrow / BakasanaPigeon / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
Muscles & joints Full Body