Spinal Awakening

Ryan CM

Spinal Awakening

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Style Power
Duration 20 mins

A taste of a signature Budokon Style class by the UK Director/Global Master Trainer Ryan CM. This class focuses on our Rolling Salutation section. After a short flow to warm up you will make your way from Plow to various standing postures…with as much grace, precision, and breath connection as possible. We will roll to Iron footstool to create strong thighs/back and rooting. We then take you to standing splits for release and lengthening followed by Adho Mukha Vrksasana to challenge balance, fears, and proprioception. Bringing you back down to earth, finishing with Rolling Pigeon to soften the spine, hips and glutes, reconnecting with the ground underneath us.

Focus poses Rolling Salutations / Parivrtti Namaskar
Muscles & joints Hip Flexors

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