The Strong Yogi

Koya Webb

The Strong Yogi

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Style Hatha
Duration 30 mins

The Strong Yogi is 30-minutes of strengthening yoga moves infused with HIIT training. Feel empowered while keeping the intention of “I am strong and I am movable” through this classes. Starting with quad jumps, moving into 4-way planks, finishing with 4-way shred core work with lots of Warriors, chairs and crescents in between – this class is guaranteed to make you sweat while building strength.

From The Holistic Yogi with Koya Webb, a 24-class, Level 3, Meditation, Hatha yoga program. Gain access to the full program by upgrading to the ENHANCED membership level or by purchasing streaming access.

Focus poses Chair / UtkatasanaPlankWarrior 1 / Virabhadrasana 1
Muscles & joints Core, Glutes, Quadriceps

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