20 Min


I get it. For years now you’ve been patiently waiting for your single-legged crow to take flight… sigh… Before you dive into another downward spiral of whoa-is-me , I’m going to show you Crow Is Me. Seriously. I’ve got a trick up my sleeve that’s gonna coax that bird right out of its nest. Then you can join me for Flow Your Crow– a 45-minute practice that incorporates eka pada bakasana into a longer sequence. You are going to need a block for this… oh, and if you’re still insisting you can’t, you’re going to need to get ready to eat crow. :). It would be ideal for you to have a few sun salutations under your belt before you jump into this just to be sure you are warm.

Udaya Spotlight

Rudy often describes himself as “obsessed” with yoga and it is clearly evident in his teaching. Utilizing his experiences both on and off the mat, he inspires students to challenge their perceived boundaries while respecting their limitations. As he guides students within the class, he carefully breaks down each movement, finding myopic muscle and energetic actions to achieve the most.
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