Well, here it’s coming up on late January and you must ask yourself, how are those resolutions that you made while nursing your NYE hangover on January 1 working out for you? You remember, the resolutions that you proclaimed, “Starting tomorrow, I’ll never (fill in the blank) again.” Any remnants of those vows remaining or have they all crashed and burned?

Resolutions made in that manner are damn near impossible to keep. In the fervency of the moment we can make unrealistic demands on ourselves that rely mainly on willpower to succeed. Willpower is limited, fleeting, and cannot fuel the long haul. You need more; you need doable action and resolve to stick to your vision.

Resolve is a plan of action. Intentions are good, but intentions and $2.45 will buy you a lovely Venti cup of Pike coffee at Starbucks. That’s about it.

Let’s imagine that instead of eating the elephant in one bite, so to speak, you break down your tasks in doable measures each day. Let’s say you want to practice #yogaeverydamnday? Why not start by practicing yoga every third day, then a few weeks later upping it to every other day?

Rome was not built in a day and neither are life-enhancing habits. Say you’re determined to hit the gym everyday to get stronger, leaner, or more fit? Why not alternate your strength training, conditioning and yoga programs so you have a new skill set to improve upon each day. This will keep your regimen fresh and fun and that, in turn, will give you sustainability.

Perhaps your diet was a mess over the holidays (who’s wasn’t?) and you’ve sworn that you’ll never taste the devils that are sugar and white flour ever again. Those are good goals but the mind does not like ultimatums. The mind must be trained, snuck up on if you will. Start with dropping the sugar stuff for a week, and then once you’ve got the sugar monster under control take on white flour and your other bad food choices the same way.

In closing, remember two things. First, let’s go back to basics and remember that it is the tortoise that wins the race. And second, let’s remember these words from a great yogi master, “Practice and all things will come”.

Now, go out and kick some ass.

By Rudy Mettia
IG: @rudymettia

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