Stand on Those Hands!

60 Min


There are many different ways to invert the body in yoga. One of the most basic inversions is handstand. If you are newer to the practice then you should be doing this entire class with a wall nearby. If you have practiced handstand before and are ready to work on a freestanding handstand then this is definitely the class for you. The benefits of this posture are evident in its wide use across many disciplines. Most students will have a strong aversion to going upside down, especially in the middle of the room. Once you can get over the fear of falling, then you can work diligently and practice this pose regularly. A lot of the preparation work that this class focuses on is strength in the core. Being strong in our center is imperative for inverting. It takes a lot of focus and mind-body integration to balance on our hands alone so be ready for a challenge.

Udaya Spotlight

Jules Mitchell MS, CMT, RYT is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, manual therapist and educator. She combines the tradition of yoga with her background in biomechanics to create programs that help her clients move better and achieve physical success. She leads workshops and contributes to yoga teacher training programs worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research...
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