The key to living an authentic life is ….’Don’t hide your LIFE behind how you LIVE!!’

To live authentically you need to look deep inside yourself and find that spark that ignites your self knowledge and self awareness. You need to bring your actions, words, believes and values together, feel proud and confident in your abilities and in yourself.

People who live authentically are true to themselves and this comes naturally to them, they do what makes them happy, they let their inner self escape through their outer shell and allow people to see whom they truly are.

Authentic people are happier, healthier and more outgoing because they don’t have a hidden agenda, they are real, what you see is what you get.

Tips for living an authentic life:

Go with your Instincts: There are times when you need to make a decision about something and you are in conflict with yourself on what to do. Your mind tells you one thing and your heart tells you something else. When this happens, try to remember to do what is right for you, to listen to your heart, to your soul and know that your instinct will never lead you wrong.

Be around Like-Minded People: Surround yourself with people who have the same interests and goals as you do. Sharing your ideas, thoughts, plans and dreams will allow you to feel supported, encouraged and inspired and will help keep you on the path you are destined for.

Be Present: Live your life for today, release the past and allow the future to surprise you. All that you have for sure is right now, so live for the now, enjoy it, and accept it. Allow it to overtake your whole being, be aware of your five senses and allow them to experience life at this moment in time.

Live Outside the Box: The majority of people have a routine, which they call their life; and they live within these boundaries. But there is also something within that tells you that there is more out there to experience and explore, however most of you never dream of allowing these situations to escape your memory. Begin to take baby steps; to slowly and fearless try new things, to do things out of the ordinary and to begin to act upon what your mind has kept caged for so very long.

Journaling: When you write your thoughts, ideas, wants and needs down on paper this releases them from your body. When you see them outside yourself, this makes it easier for you to accept that which allows you to begin to make these ideas a reality.

Be Comfortable with Who You Are: Like the person you are and don’t be afraid to let others see this person. No one is perfect and we all have flaws. Remember to accept your flaws and focus your attention on who you are. This allows you to be kinder and happier which results in a healthier more positive attitude.

Allow Your Passion to Flourish: Some of you are born knowing what your passion for life is and some of you discover it over time. We all have a passion; a desire or a need; deeply buried that we truly want to live by. This is something that is very sacred and if possible, you would do at any cost. Because life is full of responsibilities and can be very chaotic, many of you, put your passion on the back burner. Over time and as you grow, you become more aware of who you truly are. This is the beginning of allowing your passion to thrive and truly present itself.

Accept that Your Believes and Values Will Change: Living authentically changes and adapts as you grow and mature. Looking back over your life, you can see how you have behaved and what you believed in your teens, twenties and thirties. As your beliefs and values change; so does the way you live authentically. Accept this and allow yourself to grow to your fullest potential.

Look Beyond Your Ego: Your ego plays a major role in living an authentic life. Your ego is that voice inside your head telling you that you can’t too this or that, or it tells you that your too old, not smart enough, or that there is no way you are going to accomplished this act. You need to learn how to let go of your ego and move forward into the life that is rightfully yours, the life that you truly want, the life that you are destined for.

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By Karen Staples Nicholson: Yogi. Writer. Health & Fitness Advocate


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