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I am Sharon Polsky and it is a HUGE privilege to be involved in the 2019 launch of UDAYA’s new General Fitness channel. I taught my first aerobics class when I was 16 years old and now at the age of 45 I have my dream job. I own a fitness studio in Long Beach, California; UNLEASHED creating weight-loss, health and wellness programs.

People often ask me why I am so passionate about fitness and that answer is easy….In 2009 I was a diagnosed with a rare NeuroTransmitter condition. I very rarely talk about it but it is important to share my journey. So many people assume that I’ve always been fit or skinny and have never struggled. Well, I have struggled more than you can imagine and that struggle is what allows me to help people overcome health and wellness adversity. When I got sick I was told by my doctor that I would be obese the rest of my life. He explained to me that these kinds of disorders are very difficult to treat and even more difficult overcome. My body does not process hormones correctly and hormones are literally the life energy of the human body, which control everything from reproduction to weight gain/weight loss. This NeuroTransmitter condition affects me every day. It affects my ability to eat whatever I want because of the diabetes it caused. It affects my memory and I often suffer from short-term memory loss and an inability to remember basic words. It affects my ability to sleep at night because of night sweats, leg tremors and terrible insomnia. It affects my ability to put on muscle and keep muscle because of the rapid fat loss and gain that occurs when my hormone levels are off. It affects my ability to take off body fat so I can never gain weight. I don’t tell people about this so they feel sorry for me; I merely share so they understand my WHY… WHY am I dedicated to my own health and wellness… WHY am I dedicated to your health and wellness. Of course, there are days that I want to give up; and then I wake up the next day stronger and start all over again. These are merely roadblocks that I needed to learn to overcome and I am stronger for it.

Eighteen years ago I was able to open my group fitness studio, UNLEASHED and now I have the privilege of sharing my wealth of knowledge gained through first and foremost adversity and then education, mentors and experience.

So what does that mean for…Well the UDAYA community now has me as a resource. I am a health and wellness professional that has many challenges and is very human just like you. I now have the privilege of creating traditional fitness programs for an entirely new audience through the platform and I take that responsibility very seriously. I’m excited for people with a background in yoga to try something new on our General Fitness channel; and I am there to support you every step of the way. So please check out my four new programs launching in early 2019: The 21-Day Challenge, Get Toned, Ballet Core and More (my proprietary Barre program) and Introduction to UNLEASHED. All programs will be available to UDAYA’s Enhanced Members as well as a one-time $29.99 purchase for streaming access for non-members.

If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I can be reached at and to learn a little more about me you can visit my studio website at  


Sharon Polsky teaches Barre


Sharon Polsky General Fitness

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