May the Force Be with You – IN GERMAN

40 Min


Diese Einheit kombiniert Yogaübungen mit Qi-Gong Elementen. Es ist eine Cross-over Stunde mit dem Schwerpunkt die Lebensenergie Prana / Chi zu erwecken. Prana wird durch die ausgewählten Übungen spürbarer sein in Form von Wärme oder Leichtigkeit.

In this class yoga posture will be combined with Qi-Gong elements. It is a crossover class with the focal point: awakening the prana / chi. This class will help you to feel the prana as warmth or lightness in your body.

Udaya Spotlight

I practice to stay connected to my body, my mind, my community, and to stay inspired as a teacher. I teach because I hope to provide a space for others to feel the way my practice has made me feel: supported, nurtured, challenged, empowered, and confident! Happy people = a happy world. I’m inspired by my dog who loves unconditionally,
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