Welcome, students, to my own personal “Morning Integration” routine. I call it that, because first thing out of bed in the morning, I’m a bit out of sorts. I need some type of ritual to get my mind, body and breath synchronized, and my day off to a great start.

My integration goes something like this:

The alarm sounds at 5:45a and my tricky left knee welcomes me. With 4 or 5 limping steps, I make my way from the bedroom to the kitchen. See, I told you I needed something. Once in the kitchen I make a pot of hot water and squeeze the juice from two large lemons into it. I then sit down with my hot lemon water and for 15 minutes or so I contemplate and visualize how I would like my day to shape up.

Once I’m finished with my lemon water I do a quick 20-minute integration practice. View the intro to this practice here.

I do not consider this my practice for the day unless its an off day from yoga, which I take once and a while. Remember my tricky left knee? Well, the whole body feels a bit stiff and sharp even though I may be well rested. This could be the fact that my birthday cake has a lot of candles on it but that is another story.

The point being, this practice will gently work out the stiffness of the joints and muscles from a long night sleep and get you centered and ready to win the day. I also use this practice when I’m coming back from injury or a long break from yoga for whatever reason. I’ve also been known to do this practice twice a day when I just don’t feel like a long practice. I compromise and do this class twice, at different times of the day to break it up. At least we got our yoga in and feel better, right?

Watch the full class, Integrations (Morning) on and be ready for everyday.


By Rudy Mettia

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