Deepak Ramapriyan United States of America

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Deepak Ramapriyan, also known as “The Other Deepak”, is a virtuoso singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, dancer and record producer known for evoking extraordinary experiences in listeners of all kinds. Classically trained in violin since age 4, Deepak lends his immense talent to elicit a remarkable range of emotion, from soul-centered meditative bliss to ecstatic jubilation, inspiring his listeners to go beyond the ordinary and access transcendent states of joy and spiritual communion. He is the lead singer and violinist for the pop/rock/electronic group Robot Nature, the indie-rock band The BOLT, and the world sacred music band Breath of Life Tribe, and has played with great talents such as India.Arie, Rihanna, Jason Mraz and many others, as well as recently costarring on the television show “Modern Family” as well as the film “Bleeding Heart” starring Jessica Biel, both released in 2014.