Fir tree, champagne, flappers and cute boxes with presents… The New Year staples seem to be materialistic. But there is something missing on the list. Any guesses? New Year resolutions!

Thousands of people all over the world put together a list of to-dos and to-don’ts to become better versions of themselves next year. Let’s be honest, not many of the resolutions get further than the paper. Even fewer we can proudly put a check mark at the end of the 365 days of trying. So why does it happen so that we who are full of energy and determination fail to put our do-lists to life?

The potential powerful effect of verbal affirmations is almost out of the question. It was even proved by scientists. The scholars discovered that basic DNA cells in our bodies have a structure that is very similar to the structure of our language. So we can change the structure of our cells by using words and phrases. The results of the experiment proved this assumption and explained why hypnosis, affirmations or expressed intentions have an effect on the human beings.

And what is a resolution? For a yogi, the anatomy of a resolution will, perhaps, remind us of an intention, an intention that is set for the entire year rather than for a single yoga session. This parallel will help us to understand why we are better off making resolutions, how to formulate them correctly and what to do to make them work.

First, if you haven’t thought of making resolutions or if you consider this tradition silly, think it over. We are all given a certain amount of energy to live our lives. Those who do yoga, or other spiritual and physical practices generate even more energy by detoxifying the body, releasing any blockages and activating the chakras. We have a choice of how to use this energy. It can be constructive if we direct it, creating a clear pathway for it by setting an intention or resolution. Otherwise we will get a powerful unruly energy flow that will be destructive for the person. In a way, New Year is a birthday for every person, a spiritual rebirth when anyone gets extra energy for a positive change. So let’s use it wisely.

Now as we understand the importance of resolutions, here are a couple of points on how to form them.

  1. Short and sweet. The longer the resolution the more your energy is spread over. So be precise.
  2. Talk the talk for yourself. Don’t include other people in your resolutions. Their intentions might be different from yours. If your desire is to find love then frame your resolution as I will find my true love by visualizing the qualities of my ideal partner rather than stating I will get married to (insert name of victim here).
  3. Think about the material aspect of your resolution. To say I gain a windfall of 1000000€ is oh so materialistic. At some point if you are focused enough, it might come true. But behind your thought of material gain there is a deeper desire. Think it over…
  4. Watch the language. Avoid the particles not/won’t/don’t and keep it in the present tense. I am exercising daily instead of I won’t skip daily exercises.
  5. Lastly, keep the resolutions to yourself. Sometimes we are so excited about an idea that we can’t stop talking about it to everyone around. The desire to share is understandable. But you spend so much energy imagining and describing whatever it is that at the end there will be nothing left to actually put that to life.

To make a killer resolution, work on your Ajna chakra, the third eye. This chakra is responsible for creativity, keenness of the mind and extrasensory vision. The powerful energy of this chakra nurtures and develops our brain and lets us be the creators of our own reality. In order to stimulate Ajna chakra you can do a simple meditation. Imagine a blue swirl of energy resting horizontally above your head. This cold positive energy of thinking enlightens your head, brain with the nurturing blue light, restores the creative genius and allows you to relax the mind. 10-15 minutes of the mediation will fill Ajna with energy and improve the functioning of your brain. By changing the state of your mind you are changing the situation in your life instead of adjusting to it.

We hope you’ve been inspired to hone your 2016 resolutions so before raising your glass of bubbly to the New Year send all that positive energy towards your powerful intention.

Happy Holidays!

By: Oyla Amburg: Yogi. Journalist. Psychology Enthusiast.


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