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Bhakti Yin Yoga

with Sita Devi

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Bhakti Yin Yoga is a heart-centered practice designed by Sita Devi with live music by Shamans Dream. This program centers on deep relaxation and release of physical, emotional and mental tension. The word Bhakti comes from Sanskrit and translates to love or devotion. The main practices associated with Bhakti Yoga are chanting or kirtana, hearing or sravana and remembering or smarana. We will combine these modalities with Yin Yoga from the Hatha Yoga tradition. The word Yin comes from the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, the complimentary forces of duality. Yin refers to the water element, the feminine, the moon, soft as opposed to hard, cool as opposed hot, etc. The Yin practice consists of deep breathing, pranayama practices, combined with deep stretching, longer holds in poses and deep relaxation. The combination of heart-opening modalities, a soothing musical journey and deep body and mind relaxation are the perfect compliment to any vinyasa practice or sport fitness regiment. Bhakti Yin is also great for stress relief, grounding, focus, clarity of mind, body aches or soreness, muscle tension, joint pain, back pain, headaches, emotional stress or trauma and many other body related injuries or traumas. It is a great healing treatment for post traumatic stress as well. Bhakti Yin is an all levels practice and no prior experience to yoga is necessary. Breathe, stretch, relax and allow yourself to melt into the nectar of devotion through Bhakti Yin Yoga.