The Flexible Yogi

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Koya Webb Yoga

The Holistic Yogi

With Koya Webb

Style Hatha
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Duration: 2 Weeks / 24 Classes
The Holistic Yogi is a 24-class Hatha Yoga program by Koya Webb designed to be taken over a 2-week period. Each...

Koya Webb

The Flexible Yogi

Style Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

The Flexible Yogi is a classic Koya Webb flow class that encourages your to push yourself a little further with each breath. Get into all the nooks and crannies of your body and release stagnant energy as you explore your flexibility. This 60-minute class begins with lots of slow floor stretches, then onto your knees for camel, lizard and splits. Exploring backbend variations and twist will open the body. This entire class keeps you on the floor and leaves you with a sense of openness and ease.

Focus poses Camel / UstrasanaLizard / Utthan PristhasanaSplits / Hanumanasana
Muscles & joints Full Body