Office Yoga

With David Ezekiel

David Ezekiel created Office Yoga to bring your yoga practice and yogic type of awareness to your office and to your desk. If you spend a lot of time at a desk and you are still multi-tasking even during break time you will benefit from this program as it reminds you to reconnect with your body, mind and breath. This program guides you to take 5-minute breaks four times each day – at the start of your day, mid-morning, post-lunch and early evening. The program consists of asana (physical movements and stretches) which will keep your body feeling energized and comfortable. Also included in the program are mantras (words and phrases that are used in repetition and carry particular meanings and vibrations) which are useful in breaking down obsessive thoughts and creating a sense of calm focus). Office Yoga also offers pranayama (simple breathing techniques) which brings more focus to the breath throughout the day. Deeper breathing brings more oxygen into the body, which in turn decreases stress and anxiety and increase your ability to focus. Also included are four bonus 30-minute flow classes perfect for the weekend or the weekday evening when you want a little bit more. This 22-day program will support one month of the typical Monday – Friday work week. Repeat at the beginning of each month and keep your yoga practice in all the areas of your life, including your office.