PEDAL Pump & Strength

With Michelle Bell

PEDAL Pump & Strength is a 4-pack of online strength spin classes designed by Michelle Bell. It’s for for those who are looking add upper body strength while on the bike! Have your cake & eat it too (figuratively speaking)!! We’ve combined 45-60 minutes of SPIN with sections of upper body work. This class is for ladies and gents looking to build upper body strength while getting their cardio fix. Light weight and quick reps creates a challenge for every fitness level. Have some light hands weights handy.

Also included is a bonus Strength Rhythm RIDE. Ride to the beat of the music, challenging our legs and getting lost in the beats of DJ bselecta.

This level 3 program includes:

  • 4 online strength spin classes (45-50 mins.)
  • BONUS Intro + Nutrition Talk


  • Build Upper Body Strength 
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Challenge Legs 

Live music by: DJ bselecta