PEDAL Spin for Weight Loss

With Michelle Bell

PEDAL Spin for Weight Loss is a total-body program designed by Michelle Bell which works all the major muscle groups. A PEDAL Spin class can burn 400 -1000 calories depending on the length of the class. Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you consume and indoor cycling can help you to do just that. Indoor Cycling is a low impact workout that is easy on the joints, decreases stress with the adrenaline rush and endorphin release. It also improves strength by using slow-twitch muscle fibers to increase strength and endurance, while creating a more toned physique.

This is an authentic, successful program, ideal for those looking for a jumpstart to fitness and healthy habits. This program includes weight loss online spin Classes to burn fat, tone and strengthen upper and lower body, improve cardiovascular health and will help you jumpstart your weight loss goals by incorporating healthy habits with our nutrition guidelines. PEDAL Spin for Weight Loss is a program designed to help you develop a lifestyle that incorporates motivation, sound nutrition, healthy habits and of course, energizing, calorie-burning PEDAL Spin rides.

This level 3 program includes:

  • 4 Weight Loss Online Spin Classes (25-55 mins.)
  • BONUS Intro + Nutrition Talk


  • Burn calories 
  • Tone & Strengthen
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

Live music by: DJ bselecta