The Game

With Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson’s 12-class series, THE GAME is designed to get you in your zone. Whether you are an athlete on the playing field, the boardroom, or your household, finding and flourishing in that area of intense awareness is where you will produce the best results. Each of the four segments contains three classes.

Pre-Game classes carry the theme: Preparation – like the swell of an ocean’s wave. These are warm-ups that prepare you for whatever ‘Game’ you are ‘playing.’ They’ve been designed so that you can get ready for whatever is ahead for you within the present moment. Pre-Game classes flow from beginning to end and feature a wave much like those that move from the ocean floor to the ocean’s surface. Between each wave, there are breaks for restoration or core strengthening. Here we explore your three ocean zones: the ocean floor representing promoting of security, the ocean’s water representing fluid decision and action, and the ocean’s surface representing composure, effortlessness and realizing infinite possibilities and potential. Your breath guides you through each movement and the stillness of meditation. The focus is on the observation of and non-reaction to the currents of your own feelings, sensations, emotions, and thoughts. The Ocean is within you.

The Game classes carry the theme: Brighter Self vs. Fear-based Self. These are intense flow practices with the focus on being in The Zone. Every sports athlete knows the feeling of being in The Zone – focused, on point, clear of anything that is not useful. These classes simulate this feeling through slow, soft, graceful breathing cycles. Within The Zone, you explore your most formidable opponent, the one inside your own skin, the fear-based self where resistance resides. You invite the champion and essence of your higher, brighter self to fill the void. In The Game, you transition with the prowess, grace, awareness, and great precision of a Jaguar on the hunt, and allow your Game to be played within the breath cycle. Your awareness is deepened as you pause between cycles of the flow where you marinate in situations or postures. The emphasis is on smooth transitions, representing change. Momentum shifts and strengthens fascia in the process. Drishti (gazing points) are directed inward. Every day is Game Day!

Post-Game carry the theme: Integrate your Internal & external Universe. These classes begin with waves of gentle movement, with light rooting and light lifting. Then we settle down to the floor for a magical organic reflection of your game consisting of Restorative and Yin sequences to complete the Journey. Within this space, we aim to rejuvenate, nurture and strengthen fascia. This is where you integrate your Inner Universe awareness (internal) and your Phenomenal Universe (external) in preparation for your next Game Day, which is just upon the horizon.

Live music by SolRising, Deepak Ramapriyan with Eddie Young.