Yoga for Motherhood

With Marisa Toriggino

Yoga for Motherhood is a comprehensive Prenatal and Postnatal program created especially for you. Expertly presented by Marisa Toriggino, founder of Yoga by Marisa Toriggino, this 15-video series will teach you how to safely move into postures, support you in all three trimesters of pregnancy, and keep you fit and centered as you heal and bond with your baby after giving birth.
The program includes:
  • 9 full-length classes Marisa designed specifically for pregnancy, including one special partner yoga class you can do with your loved one.
  • 3 classes to relieve sciatica pain, to open your upper back & shoulders, and to┬áprepare for birth.
  • 3 special postpartum classes specifically designed to rebuild the muscles around the waist and abdomen (your core), to help you to stay relaxed, centered & focused, and to support you as your body heals and as you & baby bond.