Yoga Foundations + Yoga Short & Sweet

With Travis Eliot

YOGA FOUNDATIONS – 3 classes (30 mins.)

Travis Eliot is back with Yoga Foundations. This set is the first component of The Ultimate Yogi series. In each of the three 30-minute classes, Travis reviews fundamental yoga poses commonly found in almost all forms of the practice. His comprehensive teaching guides and soothing instructions will make your yogic experience both relaxing and enjoyable.


YOGA SHORT & SWEET – 3 classes (45-50 mins.)

Yoga Short & Sweet is an absolute must-have addition to your Ultimate Yogi collection. This is the perfect workout for those committed to improving their physical health and well-being on a daily basis. Each of the three 45-50 minute classes are filled with the essential yoga components needed to prepare your body and mind for the challenges in the days to come.