Yoga Warrior 365

With Rudy Mettia

An integrated, whole-life yoga program created by Rudy Mettia. Yoga Warrior 365, based on the Power Yoga lineage, consists of 14 thematic classes, 36 pose tutorials, a program guide, and a sense of humor. Perfect for developing or deepening a daily yoga practice or as a supplement to other forms of exercises. Yoga is about connecting to your own personal truth. When you get on the mat and silence the incessant chatter of the mind you are left with three simple things – your body, your breath, and your inner awareness. By learning how to sit (or stand, or lie down) through the vicissitudes of your life, you will come face to face with yourself. Whatever your personal truth is will arise quite naturally. You do not need to be able to stick your foot behind your head to find this kind of inner peace. In fact, it will quite possibly take you away from it.