Yoga Warrior 365

With Rudy Mettia

An integrated, whole-life yoga program created by Rudy Mettia. Yoga Warrior 365 consists of 14 thematic Power Yoga classes, 36 pose tutorials, a program guide, and a sense of humor. Perfect for developing or deepening a daily yoga practice or as a supplement to other forms of exercise.


  • 14 x Thematic Power Yoga Classes (60 mins.)
  • Downloadable Program Guide – An overview of each class plus an intro to the philosophy behind Rudy’s unique style of teaching.
  • 36 Pose Tutorial Videos – Step-by-step instructions that provide the building blocks for learning and refining all the common yoga poses from the ground up.
  • Downloadable Calendar – Customized for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
  • BONUS: Musings video – A chat with Rudy. Learn about the personal yoga philosophy of Rudy Mettia Yoga and the structure on which he built it.
  • BONUS: Rudy’s personal practice video (20 min.)


  • Greater awareness & mental clarity
  • Learn pose alignment
  • Lengthen & tone muscles
  • Build core strength and stability
  • Increase energy
  • Improve balance