Yoga as an embodiment practice will make your sex better. In fact it may make it so good that you lose yourself in the throes of ecstasy and thusly be dis-embodied. A sort of ‘little death’. A finding of Self by losing your self; and in the sanctity of sovereignty, with recognition and holding of, fondness and appreciation for the other, come to what is more…     

My girlfriend is pleading very kindly and lightly (which is sexy) for me to write a blog that is more storytelling and not so enlightening and informative. Ok baby. I’ll try. xox.

Here’s a story for you. Joe Yogi attends a hot (100+ degrees) Power Yoga class. About ¾ of the way through this particularly hard and humid class, the teacher says in a sultry tone, “notice the energy we have all created together.” Joe, laying there in a puddle of his own self, takes a few breaths to relax and become receptive to the room. In addition to the ‘feel good’ chemicals in his blood telling him that this form of exercise is enjoyable, Joe rather notices that the room is sort of oozing and dripping with some other olfactory impressions. The smell of the student’s’ bodily emissions in the room is so potent that it is way past the ordinarily attractive levels of this human scent. Most of the adherents in this Hot Yoga class are wearing the hottest leading Yogic trends, and leaving very little to reveal of form and function. Joe is exhausted, chemically ‘high’, and he very quickly loses this impression as the teacher finishes up the class. Joe spots a fellow Yogini on the way out of class and who has stayed behind to discuss Vedic Astrology with the instructor. Joe is suddenly very interested in Vedic Astrology! In fact, Joe senses some strong compatibility with the still sweating star talking Yogini. As it turns out, Joe’s ascendant is the strongest influence in her relationship House. Joe feels that he may have just run into the love of his life! What do you think intrepid reader? Can Joe trust his senses and feelings? Does Joe have to impulsively “go after” another fantastically compatible Yogini? Is a mind/body/nervous system overwhelmed and flooded with sexual energy an experiential base ground for recognition of authentic connection? Who knows?

Everywhere people are putting out their signals and tuning their antennas for sex. A hair twirl here, and a lip bite there. Quick and nearly unnoticeable (and some not so unnoticeable, especially if it is not one’s own lip they are biting!) attempts to draw sexual attention. The clothes, the car, the confidence, the money! Mostly learned behavior that becomes habitual and unconscious. Footwear and every kind of fashion for proper hiding and revealing of sexy bits… **Now trending in cold climates – Yoga pants with butt-high knitted leggings! – It is a feast for the eyes, and ocular nerves are straining to get in line for a plate full.

What is this impulse that influences and drives so much of our daily life both conscious and otherwise? Not just from a sociological or cultural view, but from a ‘meta’ view? What does the lense of Yoga have to offer to this question of sexual drive and motivation?

What is the role of sex from a Yogic perspective?

  • To be the platform for the replication of species, and thereby participate in the evolution of species
  • To serve as way of building and sharing intimacy  
  • May play a role in evolution of Consciousness
  • It embodies the sensation and feeling of the Mood of the Divine
  • It is a total distraction and a waste of energy
  • It’s going to happen! Stop fussing over it!

From a Tantric Yogic perspective it is the Great Goddess of Creation herself which acts out this urge to create more. She has been apparently separated from her “Beloved” and in an attempt to regain the sensation and feeling of Oneness, she brings the various parts of Herself together in sexual union – Her modus operandi is to make more of Herself. She sets up scenarios where the play of the species can achieve this. Birds and bees for plants. Bars, rock concerts, and now Yoga studios for humans.

What unlocks the potential of sex to transform an individual?

  • Yo! Sex transforms you. Especially monogamous sex with the same person for years
  • Yoga might suggest that the ability to voluntarily relinquish the want and need to have sexual pleasure for one’s self can expedite the finding of keys
  • Non-interference: the willingness to let the body act and respond organically without one’s psychological script getting in the way

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of Udaya’s most outspoken teachers, and an addendum I have added myself:

“If you want good sex ladies, get your man to do Yoga!”

Cheri Rae

“If you want good sex men, listen to your ladies!”


By: Brent Kuecker – Yogi. Musician. Educator.


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