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    Building a Home Practice

    This class, led by Michael Stebbins, is divided into 3 parts. It offers an introduction to various techniques
    used in practicing the “Eight Limbs of Yoga”: the physical practice, breath control, and concentration.
    The physical practice (Asanas)
    The four key poses of yoga:
    1. Extended Leg Seated Forward Fold : Paschimottanasana
    2. The Great Seal Pose : Maha Mudra
    3. Tripod Headstand : Sirsasana
    4. Shoulder Stand : Sarvangasana

    Techniques of Breath Control
    Ujjayi, Kapalbhati, Sheetali, Kumbhaka

    Techniques of Concentration
    (Pratyahara and Dharana)
    External/Internal gazing, Joni Mudhra, Japa, Mindfulness of Breath