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Smile at Fear – Inversion Flow

Somewhere along the journey of our authentic self-expression in life, we will inevitably come up against an edge of vulnerability, a palpable experience of fear, much akin to the fear of falling we experience when going into handstand on our yoga mat. And yet, fear is simply creative energy that has formed a pattern or (samskara). Inversion practice helps us to unravel the patterns of fear we store in the body, freeing up vast resources of creative energy. The themes that we work on in this class are Transforming Fear into Trust & Courage. The physical benefits of this class include cultivating core strength, strengthening the upper body and balance. We strengthen and open the shoulders in preparation for backbends and we open back muscles for deeper work in forward bends and twists. The internal benefits that we experience include cultivating confidence as we moving beyond our “known” comfort zones.