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    Self Sufficiency

    Practice the Art or Suspense and Mystery in this 50 minute flow as a Hunting Eagle. Send mixed signals to create an air of mystery, elusiveness and depth which fascinates as it confuses with change and unlikely yet fluid transitions. You are mysterious and cannot be figured out. Hint at complexity that cannot be grasped and constuct a presence that counters your manner. This flow will address excellent mobility as we open all of your major joints and elongate your attention span.

    From Jason Anderson’s 12-class series, MEDITATIVE VINYASA, an exploration and self study into the divine and mythical true presence, courtesy of each and every prana flow. Through this journey of honoring your prana you are inspired to witness your own habits, tendencies and instincts, ultimately becoming more refined and savvy-er in your realm to master decision and action process.