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Magnetic Field & Awaken your Heart Center

This Kundalini Kriya works on coordination and repair of the nervous system by stimulating the Heart Center. Your normal feelings of happiness, connection, and well-being depend on the balance of your individual psycho-electromagnetic field (aka Aura). If it is strong, your muscles obey the message nerves, and the message nerves give good perception to the brain. This class starts with a few heart-opening exercises and then moves into stimulating the thyroid, parathyroid and navel centers. These exercises produce smooth radiant complexion and a natural glow in the eyes and face. Next we will chant “Ong Ong Ong Ong Sohung Sohung Sohung Sohung” which translates to “The Creative Consciousness of the Universe – I am that!” Next we stretch our life nerve and transition into a back platform to balance and strengthen our thyroid, lower back and heart center. After that we flow into Maha Mudra which is an exercise so powerful it can be practiced on its own. The class will continue with more exercises to cleanse, activate and strengthen the thyroid, back and heart center.