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    Meditation for Prosperity & Creativity

    Do you feel stuck? Trying to find your passion and purpose in life? Wishing for more Prosperity? This meditation provides guidance, and the way through any block. This meditation allows you to use your Neutral Mind to intuit all the expected and unexpected impacts of the mental thoughts you feel now, or that were a part of you in the past. If this part of you is unbalanced, people will distance themselves socially out of subconscious fear of your perception, bluntness, and truth. When balanced, you gain wisdom and self-guidance to hold in trust all that comes to you. After doing this meditation you will start to be more connected to your intuition and sense of creative self that allows your passions to unfold and prosperity to flow into your life.  P) How To Do: To practice this meditation, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. You may also sit in a chair with a straight spine and feet planted firmly on the ground. Tuck the chin in slightly and make sure your neck is completely straight and in line with your spine. The elbows are relaxed at your side, with the forearms parallel to the ground. The hands are pointing forward, with the palms facing up, wrists straight. Touch the thumbs to the tips of the index fingers, Gyan Mudra. The eyes are closed, looking up and in at the third eye point. Alternatively, you may have the eyes open, looking down at the tip of the nose. Either eye position is acceptable. The mantra, “Har Ha-ray Ha-ree, Wha-hay Gu-roo” will be chanted in a steady cadence. This mantra uses the three qualities of “Har”, the seed potential of infinite creativity, which are the seed itself, the flow, and completion. “Haray” represents the flow of the creative force of infinity. “Hari” calls upon the manifestation of the infinite creative force. “Waheguru” is an expression of pure joy and ecstasy of connection with the infinite. This mantra uses the powerful flow of infinity to create a powerful energetic flow through your psyche to wash away confusion, negativity and obnoxious situations in your life. It can help you break through creative blocks and awaken you to your own creative potential, to allow prosperity and abundance to flow into your life.  P) Reminder: Kundalini Meditations include Tuning IN & Tuning OUT / To Tune In Chant: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” 3 x  / To Tune Out Chant: “May the long time Sun shine upon you, All Love surround you, and the pure Light within you, Guide your way on…” Ending with the bij mantra of: ”SAT NAM”