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    Triangle & Twisting Triangle

    A triangle pose tutorial with Rudy Mettia. To perform safely:

    • align the right heel with the left foot, firm your things and turn your right thigh outwards
    • while exhaling extend your torso over the plane of the forward leg
    • keep both sides of the torso equally long as you lengthen out towards the back heel
    • rest the hand closest to the floor on your shin foot or block whilst breathing deep and free
    • keeping the head in a neutral position reach up towards the ceiling – if your neck permits you may gaze upwards

    This pose will help:

    • stretch the legs and muscles around the knee
    • strengthen the legs, knees, ankles, obliques, back, and abdominals
    • improve digestion
    • alleviate back pain
    • stimulate the abdominal organs

    Since this is a standing pose it also calls on the body’s balance. Have fun exploring this pose but make sure you enter in and out of it with grace and caution.