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    Yoga for Motherhood

    Yoga for Motherhood

    Prenatal Yoga & Mom + Baby Yoga


    Our Yoga For Motherhood video series includes 15 videos to teach you how to safely practice yoga during all three trimesters of pregnancy and keep you fit, centered & connected as you transition into life with your baby after giving birth. Presented by the globally recognized yoga teacher, Marisa Toriggino.

    Yoga for Motherhood Includes:

    • 9 Full-length Yoga Classes designed to support you through each trimester of pregnancy
    • 3 Specific Classes to relieve sciatica pain, open the upper back & shoulders, and prepare for birth
    • 3 Mom + Baby Classes to rebuild abdominal muscles, relieve back pain, help you to stay centered & focused, and support your life after giving birth.


    • Better prepared for birth & motherhood
    • Save time & money by practicing at home
    • ​Freedom from stress & the common discomforts of pregnancy
    • ​Greater physical and mental strength will allow you to relax and feel strong