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    Koya Webb Yoga

    The Holistic Yogi

    The Holistic Yogi is a 24-class Hatha Yoga program by Koya Webb designed to be taken over a 2-week period. Each day’s focus is a different theme – ¬†Confidence, Mental Clarity, Releasing Fear, and more. Each day includes an¬†asana class followed by a guided meditation. Tailor this program to your individual experience level with the modification queues and variations offered throughout. If you are new to meditation, these classes are a perfect way to start. After a short sit, these guided meditations are to be experienced laying down in a relaxed position. The Holistic Yogi includes an easy-to-follow calendar.

    The Holistic Yogi Includes:

    • 12 Asana Classes (30-60 mins.)
    • 12 Meditation Classes (10-60 mins.)
    • 2-week Program Calendar


    • Reduce Stress
    • Improve Balance
    • Strengthen Muscles