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    Office Yoga

    Office Yoga

    Bring a yogic type of awareness to your office.
    Office Yoga is a 1-month program designed by David Ezekiel. Stay focused and motivated throughout the workday with short yoga breaks. Office Yoga prompts you to take 5-minute yoga breaks 4 times each day. This 22-day program supports 1 month of the typical Monday – Friday work week. Repeat at the beginning of each month and maintain a yoga practice in all the areas of your life, including your office.

    This 1-month program consists of:

    • Asana – Physical movements & stretches 
    • Mantras – Words & phrases used in repetition which carry particular meanings & vibrations
    • Pranayama – Simple breathing techniques which bring more oxygen into the body
    • Bonus – 4 flow classes

    Office Yoga Includes:

    • 22 Morning sessions (5 min.)
    • 22 Mid-morning sessions (5 min.)
    • 22 Post-lunch sessions (5 min.)
    • 22 Early-evening sessions (5 min.)
    • 4 Post-work flow classes (30 min.)


    • Increase Focus
    • Create a Sense of Calm 
    • Decrease Stress & Anxiety 
    • Energize & Strengthen the Body
    • Break Down Obsessive Thoughts