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The Complete Yoga Toolkit with Adam Husler on UDAYA Yoga

The Complete Yoga Toolkit

In a world of endless choice, this practical class pack brings you some much-needed simplicity; classes that do what they say on the tin! This program features seven 45-min alignment focused vinyasa classes that allow you to focus on specific areas of the body, whilst still offering an all-encompassing asana practice. A bonus 8th class offers you an appreciated chance to rest and restore.

As with all of Adam Husler’s classes, there will be challenges and options offered for all levels of asana practice. Whether you’re looking for post-run leg recovery, shoulder opening after a day at the desk or to build strength with arm balances, there’s a go-to class for you. This toolkit is an ideal pack to; supplement public classes, take traveling, or be your regular, all-around practice. This will, perhaps, be the most useful toolkit, you’ll ever own.


  • Increased flexibility, strength and mobility
  • Whole body opening and strengthening
  • Improved alignment
  • Grounded and better focus