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    Dan Ward - The Core Values of Yoga

    The Core Values of Yoga

    In this complete level 2 Hatha/Vinyasa program, Dan Ward guides us, within the context of yoga practice, to explore, contemplate and define our core values. Each of the 7 classes focuses on a particular set of values that informs the way we approach life, experience the present moment and shape our destiny. PLUS an introduction by Dan Ward.

    1. Inquiry, Safety & Quality
    2. Compassion, Peace & Kindness
    3. Hard Work, Discipline & Commitment
    4. Honesty, Integrity & Service
    5. Optimism, Enthusiasm & Happiness
    6. Acceptance, Healing & Forgiveness
    7. Mysticism, Gratitude & Freedom


    • 7 Yoga Classes (50-60 min.)
    • Introduction Video (15 min.)
    • Gentle, Mindful Sequencing
    • Yoga Philosophy


    • Calm Your Mind
    • Improve Balance
    • Strengthen Muscles
    • Heightened Introspection¬†