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    The Pilates Suspension Method

    Pilates Suspension Method

    The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) program by Rebecca Beckler introduces you to this method in three unique ways. The Pilates Athlete workout takes you through PSM moves with a more athletic approach. The Pilates Barr-eske workout lets your inner dancer shine with a barre-eske approach to the PSM exercises. And finally, in the PSM Magic Movements workout you will perform all the moves that everyone loves, leaving your body feeling strong yet stretched. These three 30-minute videos are for everyone – the novice and the experienced. Use the suspension system at your local gym or set up a home studio with Rebecca’s Suspension Method available at


    • 3 Pilates Suspension Method classes (30 mins.)

    A Unique Pilates Approach that is:

    • Fun
    • Safe
    • Effective
    • Highly Addictive

    FORMAT: Online streaming program. Internet connection required.