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    See Possibility

    In yoga philosophy, chitta vritti are whirlpools of spinning thoughts and distractions in the mind. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra states that yoga is practiced to “still the whirlpools of the mind.” As we START to become more present and aware, we’re diving beneath the surface waves of our practice into deep, insightful new terrain. We’re getting beyond feeling stuck in the past or tangled up in fantasies about the future that can make us feel trapped like our tension exercise. ¶ Our hOMework is helping us see that we are not defined by our emotions or what we think we ‘like’ or ‘don’t like.’ For example, we’re not ‘frustrated,’ we’re just experiencing momentary frustration, which will pass if we STOP, find our ABC’s and START to see the fluidity of possibility. In this practice, we use our postures and Possibility Pose as mirrors for progress off our mat too to (1) find focus (2) practice flexibility and then (3) flow into a solution.