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    The End Is Where We Start From

    This might be the last segment of our program, but it’s not the end of your practice – in fact, it’s where you START again and again. As TS Eliot said, “The end is where we start from.”

    You’ve come a long way from when we first hoisted your sail in our tension exercise at the beginning of the week. Glancing back you can see how far you’ve moved from the harbor and feel the liberation of being at sea. Being at sea has its ups and downs too. But out among the waves, you’re not anchored or stuck, you’re emancipated and inspired by the fluidity of possibility. We never know what the tides might bring, but you can be certain they hold opportunities to use the skillfulness we’ve cultivate together here to helm your adventure.

    To maintain our START, get beyond where we’re Stuckat and continue to see possibility, a rejuvenating STOP off, like our restorative postural practice here, is essential. Think of it as a fully integrated body/mind/spirit rest and digest. Our meditation includes techniques we’ve visited throughout our week and the hOMework is a straightforward recipe to:

    S – Start to Make Space
    T – Turn Down the Volume
    A – Accept and Acknowledge
    R – Renew
    T -Take Thoughtful Action

    Every day in an ongoing way.