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    Coiled Warrior

    Rudy also refers to this class as “Rotation Nation”, and just like the name suggests, it is a twisting class. Like wringing out a dirty dishrag, twisting detoxifies the body as it wrings out all the unwanted gunk that builds up over the natural course of even just one day. We were going to use “Twist and Shout” as the soundtrack for this class, but we decided it might be a bit distracting. Though you may be shouting, or even crying, by the end of this one (twisting poses are known to provoke emotional release) – we can only hope it is out of new-found freedom in your body. But be mindful of your spine – there is no need to overdo any of these twisting poses. As Rudy says, “too much twisting makes you twisted.” Even a small hint of twist is therapeutic and will leave you feeling refreshed and realigned.