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    Fire in the Belly, Honey in the Heart

    Toxins, when burned, can be transformed into fuel for your body, art and creative inspiration. In this Fire In The Belly, Honey In The Heart flow sequence of core work, spinal twists and backbends, you will purify your organs so that deep seated toxins can be moved into the elimination systems of the body. You will ignite the navel center, Manipura chakra, associated with our creative fire and personal power. You will activate the heart center, Anahata chakra, associated with fearless compassion and loving kindness. When these two centers are aligned, a powerful creative alchemy is generated allowing us to detox physically, emotionally, mentally and creatively. Strengthening Manipura, the ‘fire in the belly,’ helps us cultivate the courage to move forward past our fear into our creative dharma. Liberating Anahata, the ‘honey in the heart,’ allows us to do so with loving kindness and fearless compassion, known in Buddhism as ‘Bodhicitta.’ Prepare to sweat, burn and bloom.